Product model:

[Product Specification] 2ml X50/box, one course of treatment [suitable for crowd], for men and women aged 30-60

[discomfort group]: female patients with stage 4, renal insufficiency, cancer and AIDS

[Product Composition] Protein, Lecithin, Polysaccharide, Amino Acid Nucleic Acid, etc.

[Warm Tips] Take care of rest, not staying up late, drinking alcohol, smoking, sweating sauna, and rest for 20 minutes after injection before walking.

[Usage] Intramuscular injection of 2 branches once every 3 days

[Preservation method] Store in shade and dark (4 ~25 C). It is difficult to preserve when open cover is used immediately.

Indications and efficacy of placenta hormone therapy: * delaying the aging process * restoring youth and Health * strengthening the body’s immune system * strengthening the anti-cancer effect is most effective for the following diseases: * physical and memory decline * body fatigue, rheumatism * younger * headache and migraine * better enjoyment of a better life * blood circulation disorders * cramps and lower limbs fatigue* Sexual dysfunction – impotence, female menstrual problems, lack of libido, etc * Tobacco and alcohol, abnormal diet, long-term work stress

Notes 1. Avoid spicy, sea-bloody hair and other stimulating foods during injection, and avoid smoking and alcohol;

2. Exercise moderately, drink plenty of water, easy for human body to absorb, eat more vegetables and fruits; 3. Take care of rest, do not stay up late, and ensure sleep; 4. Avoid sauna and warm bath within 4 hours after injection; 5. Women in four stages (adolescence, menstruation, pregnancy, lactation) should not be injected; 6. During fever, it is not suitable to inject; after symptoms disappear, use will not affect the effect of use: 7. Heart. People with vascular diseases and severe nephropathy are prohibited from using it; patients with cancer are prohibited from using it.