Details of Glandular Super Placenta Products

Product Specification: (30 *2ml fresh embryo cell fluid Europium 30 *2ml gland super placenta hormone)

Use cycle: A course of 60 days, fresh embryo cell fluid, glandular super placenta as a group, and use at the same time. Each group, 2-3 days once, with infusion once 2-3 groups.

Usage: intramuscular, subcutaneous or intravenous injection (two branches at a time)

1. After disinfection, golden fresh stem cells were injected first. After a minute of massage, the golden fresh stem cells were fully absorbed and injected into the life super placenta at the original injection point.

2. Two kinds of mixtures are injected together and massaged for 2 minutes.

Health Function: Full and compact facial skin, remove wrinkles and fine lines, fade spots and pigments, make skin white and ruddy, elastic and lustrous, and restore the young state of skin. The posture is even and slim, the spirit is glowing, the vigor is bright, the body immunity is effectively enhanced, the endocrine tends to be balanced, the metabolism health is accelerated, the gynecological diseases are obviously reduced, and some menopausal women resume menstruation. The overall physical fitness is restored to a young and healthy state.